2019 Keynote speakers and workshops



Cédric Sarré is a senior lecturer at Sorbonne Université, School of Education (ESPE de Paris), where he teaches English as a Foreign Language and English Language Learning and Teaching. He is a member of the CeLiSo (Centre de Linguistique en Sorbonne, EA 7332) research unit. His research focuses on language learning technologies (Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Computer-Mediated Communication). His research interests include ESP didactics, ESP course development in online settings, language proficiency testing, peer interaction in L2 learning and teacher education. With Shona Whyte, he co-chairs the DidASP special interest group on ESP didactics within GERAS (Groupe d’Etude et de Recherche en Anglais de Spécialité), the French ESP research association. He is project coordinator of CATAPULT (Computer Assisted Training And Platforms to Upskill LSP Teachers), a three-year strategic partnership co-funded by the ERASMUS+ programme of the EU. (Cédric Sarré, abstract)


oleŁukasz Olesiak is a teacher of EFL and a CALL teacher trainer with the Pedagogical University in Krakow, Poland. He specialises in using ICT in education, on which topic he has published a number of materials and given workshops, lectures and webinars.  He has facilitated a number of training events focusing on innovation and quality in tertiary education. He has taught, trained teachers and prepared lesson materials for the Małopolska Educational Cloud. (Łukasz Olesiak, abstract)



bioAnia Skowron, a teacher of English as a foreign language — by education and by vocation. For ten years now she has been working at the Chair of New Technologies in Language Education at Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa, Poland. An enthusiast of new technologies – both professionally and personally – especially everything smart, she is particularly keen on using ICT in education. In 2018 she opened her own school teaching English and coding to young learners. (Ania Skowron, abstract)

TonK_webfoto2014_mediumTon Koenraad, former secondary school teacher, worked for twenty years as teacher educator & e-project manager at the Faculty of Education, Hogeschool Utrecht, University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. He has initiated and coordinated international (EU) projects in the fields of computer supported innovation in education and for modern languages and teacher education in particular. On behalf of TELLConsult he was/is full partner in the projects the courses offered by TELLConsult Training are mainly based on. His special interests within the Computer Assisted & Mobile Language Learning (CALL, MALL) and e-Learning domains are Instructional Design, Telecollaboration, Classroom Technologies and 3D Virtual Worlds. His publications and contributions to conferences are available from his personal pages. HomePage: http://www.koenraad.info (Ton Koenraad, abstract)