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Download the PL CALL programme & abstracts – 6.05 (updated 6.05.2013)

(Please, note that the booklet above is provided for your information only. You do not need to print it out – it will be included in the conference materials pack)

PL-CALL online

Selected presentations of the PL-CALL Conference are going to be broadcast online.

It will be possible to participate (=watch+ask questions via chat) in our workshops and plenary lectures, including:

  • Małgorzata Kurek, Wprowadzenie do warsztatu na temat międzykulturowych wymian online (broadcast in Polish) – środa, 8 maja, 16.00
  • Melinda Dooly, A critical approach to integrating technology in language education, Thurs, 9 May, 9.15
  • Włodzimierz Sobkowiak, Virtlantis, Facebook and Second Life: web2 scaffolding for virtual world language learning community of practice, Thurs, 9 May, 10.00
  • Mirjam Hauck, Empowering students in digital environments: promoting a critical use of online language learning tools and applications, Fri, 10 May, 9.15
  • Andreas Müller-Hartmann, A task is a task is a task? – designing and structuring telecollaborative learning environments, Fri, 10 May, 10.00
  • Małgorzata Kurek and Andreas Müller-Hartman, Introduction to the telecollaboration workshop, Fri, 10 May, 11.30

Click here to access the virtual conference room.